Further help

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Further help

There is a lot of advice and support out there for farmers, but sometimes it can be tricky to find. We have trained specialists in over 35 counties across England and Wales to provide specialist advice for floodplain meadow management and restoration. Our FMP Ambassadors coverage and contact details are here.



Existing farmer networks in your area will know how to access advice e.g. https://www.farmerclusters.com/ and wildlife friendly farmer specific organisations may also be able to help:

The Government provides advice through catchment sensitive farming officers.

Natural England and Environment Agency staff may also be able to provide advice and support.

Your local Wildlife Trust may be able to help with both advice, farmer networks and funding opportunities.

Your local CaBa (Catchment based Approach) group may also be a useful source of advice and funding.

Independent advisory organisations like FWAG provide support in some areas.