Meadow art

© Julia Loken

Meadow art

A key thread of our work has been to support a range of creative projects – recognising the arts as a powerful means of engagement with floodplain meadows, their science and the solutions they can provide to the multiple crises of climate, biodiversity and wellbeing we face.

Art and stories are often what works best to change hearts and minds, and ultimately behaviours, towards healthier ecosystems and landscapes. Whether crafted by professional artists or offered as a participatory activity for a wider audience, art can offer an immersive and relatable means to nurture connection and action. Creative endeavours can illustrate why floodplain meadows matter, evoking emotions to move people in the way that scientific data may not deliver by itself.

Artists have been drawn to the visual and audible drama of floodplains utilising media such as paint, glass, tapestry and even sheep’s wool to tell the story of what floodplain meadows mean to us in the 21st century.

In 2021 the FMP ran an arts and crafts competition inviting people to showcase how they react to the meadows - using the 12 finalists artwork to create a beautiful calendar, which can be seen in the carousel below. We have also helped support community art projects such as with Meadow Arts and family workshops hosted by the Oxford University's Museum of Natural History. We will continue looking for opportunities to support creative projects - please do get in touch if you have a proposal you feel may be of interest.

To find out more about the arts and crafts projects we have been involved in, visit our arts projects page.


Image of ceramics with painted flowers
© Forest of Bowland AoNB

Winners of our arts and crafts competition held in 2021

  • Painting by Alice Walker - copyright Alice Walker
    'A precious resource' by Alice Walker
  • 'Seasons song' by Clare Cornish - copyright Clare Cornish
    'Season's song' by Claire Cornish
  • 'Time Cycle Repeat' by Jeff Coles - copyright Jeff Coles
    'Time Cycle Repeat' by Jeff Coles
  • 'Long Mead Kaleidocycle' by Jill Colchester - copyright Jill Colchester
    'Long Mead Kaleidocycle' by Jill Colchester
  • 'Long Mead, late June' by Julia Loken - copyright Julia Loken
    'Long Mead, late June' by Julia Loken
  • 'A beautiful climate solution' by Lesley Cowley - copyright Lesley Cowley
    'A beautiful climate solution' by Lesley Cowley
  • The Floodplain Meadow Hikau - copyright Sarah Caulfield
    The Floodplain Meadow Hikau by Sarah Caulfield
  • 'River' by Lesley Cowley
    'River' by Lesley Cowley
  • Triptych by Matthias Harnisch
    Floodplain Meadow Triptych by Matthias Harnisch
  • Image of a poem by VIcky Bowskill - copyright Vicky Bowskill
    'Forever Meadow' by Vicky Bowskill
  • Photo of text with botanic illustration by Maria Sergeeva (copyright Maria Sergeeva)
    'Studying meadows in Latin by a botanist' - © Irina Tatarenko (text) & Maria Sergeeva (image)
  • 'Meadow Grasses' Niki Kent - copyright Niki Kent
    'Meadow Grasses' Niki Kent
  • 'Restoration' by Mark Oversby
    'Restoration, Walk No.7' by Mark Oversby