FMP joins the Nature 2030 campaign

Alongside several of our Steering Group members, the FMP has joined with over 70 nature, health, planning and equality organisations and nature experts including Steve Backshall, Chris Packham and Megan Mcubbin, to create the Nature 2030 campaign. The new Nature 2030 campaign aims to secure an environmental legacy for the future, giving hope for wildlife and habitats that may otherwise be lost forever. 

The campaign is calling on all political parties to commit to the ambitious action needed to reverse the decline of nature by 2030. There are five big asks within the campaign, all of which would provide the means to allow species-rich habitats such as floodplain meadows to expand and thrive in a meaningful manner: give farming for nature a pay rise; make polluters pay; create more space for nature; train and create more green jobs; and put a right to a healthy environment in law. Together these would go a long way to help reverse nature’s decline, improve public health and tackle climate change. Read more about the campaigns aims here  - it highlights how the loss of traditional farming know-how is seen in challenges facing the proper management of floodplain meadows, which relies on knowing when a hay crop is ready to be cut.

Nature is not a ‘nice to have’ - it is essential to a healthy society and economy - from the pollinators that help produce our food, to the floodplain meadows that manage water quality and flooding and the natural spaces near our homes that boost our health and wellbeing. But the UK is now one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. Much of the green and blue space that we do have is in a poor condition and wildlife is being pushed to the brink.  

That’s why we’re joining the call for these changes:

A payrise for nature-friendly farming: Farmland covers 70% of land in England and is the single biggest cause of nature loss in the UK. But it is possible to find harmony between farming and nature. We’re asking the government to give nature a pay rise. To double the budget for farmers and land managers and support the switch to nature-friendly farming, to move away from relying on intensive practices and harmful chemicals, and giving nature space to grow across our farmed landscapes. 

Making polluters pay: The most harmful and polluting private sectors such as energy, retail and finance are contributing to nature’s decline - and so they should contribute to nature’s recovery. We are asking for the Government to make it harder for big businesses to damage our natural world by making sure they plan for nature and pay their fair share when they damage it. 

Creating more space for nature: The Government has promised to protect 30% of our land and seas for nature by 2030, but progress has been far too slow and too many of our treasured nature sites are damaged and in decline. We need more space for nature, with more protected areas that are better managed for nature.

Creating more green jobs: Achieving these goals isn’t going to be easy and will need many more boots on the ground to achieve. Yet we have a nationwide green skills shortage. We want to see the Government fund a “National Nature Service” targeted at young people and marginalised communities to receive paid work and training to grow the pool of people with nature restoration skills. Transforming nature and the career prospects of thousands at the same time.

The legal right to a healthy environment:  Establishing an enforceable human right to clean air and water and access to nature will help hold our Government to their promises. In turn, this will improve health outcomes for millions, particularly within disadvantaged communities who experience the most harmful levels of pollution and least access to healthy nature spaces, and ultimately save billions for the NHS and social care.   

The first stage of the campaign is asking people to sign an open letter to political party leaders today and ask them to commit to our path to put nature into recovery by 2030. If you care about floodplain meadows and wish to do more to protect them please do sign up to this letter today.

Nature 2030. Tell politicians to keep their promises: Demand Action