Meadow: the intimate bond between people, place and plants

Author: Iain Parkinson, Photography: Jim Holden

Kew Publishing (5 May 2022), ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1842467476, ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1842467473

This beautiful new book features contributions from a wide range of people whose work, creativity and purpose are linked by a passion for our heritage meadows. Covering every facet of these landscape gems through the lenses of art, science, farming and culture, the diversity of voices mirrors the exuberant diversity of the meadows that connect us.

With contributions focusing on floodplain meadows including: David Gowing on their unique hydrology; Irina Tatarenko delves into their rich soils; Vicky Bowskill explores the significance of haymaking as part of sustainable agriculture; Ann Skinner reflects on the beauty and utility of our heritage meadows; and Anita Barratt provides an insight into the special character and history of North Meadow, home to the UK's largest population of wild snakes-head fritillaries. Along with perspectives too numerous to mention here from every part of the meadow spectrum, this is a must-have addition to the bookshelf of all meadow lovers.

Each contribution is the perfect length to dip into with a cuppa, a delightful companion on any coffee table. You'll find many interesting facts and immersive perspectives and stories, accompanied by stunning photography. This book is clearly a labour of love, mindfully curated to pay tribute to the fractal patterns that underpin our meadows, reflecting the ebullient diversity of flora and fauna, the characterful physical and cultural landscapes they are still an integral part of, and the people whose lives have been shaped by a shared love of them. This book truly does what it says on the cover, exploring the intimate bond between people, place and plants.

Book cover for 'Meadow: The intimate bond between plants and places"