Data and publications

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Data and publications

We have collected data from many meadow sites over many years. All this data is contained in the ‘Meadows’ database. The interrogation of this database means we can better understand changes in botanical communities as a result of climate change, site management, changes to site hydrology and soil nutrient status. It is the basis for much of the research carried out within the University on floodplain meadows.

The meadow map shows which sites have data within the Meadows database. We have used this data to create models like the hydrological model shown below, showing the typical water table for the Burnet floodplain meadow plant community (MG4):

A graph showing the change in water level throughout the year of a typical floodplain meadow plant community. The water level is high in the winter and then drops right down to below 1.2m below ground, by August, rising again towards December.
Hydrological model graph

Floodplain sites map

Explore the Meadow Map to search for sites where we have run research trials and search on your local site in the existing meadows filter to see if we hold any data in our database about it.


Image of people taking measurements in a field - copyright Mike Dodd
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Artwork by Anna Edemskaya Mezen
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